Import/Export Code (IE code)

Our expert documentation team will help you in the registration process to earn an IE code quickly.

What is an Import/Export code? It is simply a 10 digit code that is required for a person or a company to import or export goods and services to and from India. IE code is important for those who are engaged in either importing or Exporting goods/services from India. The expert panel of Orexis will give complete guidelines to get the IE code without fail. Once you file the application successfully with all required documents, the issuing authority ie DGFT, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India will issue the IE code within 20 working days.

Documents Required

Digital Photograph of the authorized person.

Copy of PAN card of the applicant entity.

Copy of the address proof of the authorized person.

Certificate of incorporation

Sale deed in case business premise is self-owned; or Rental/Lease Agreement, in case of an office, is rented/ leased; or latest electricity or telephone bills.

Canceled Cheque bearing preprinted name of the company and A/C No.


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