Introduction to Digital marketing

Introduction to Digital marketing

End of 90s and early 20s witnessed a novel way of marketing in business. It was Digital Marketing, marketing using internet and internet based technologies. In simple words, it is advertising delivered through search engine, website, digital channels, such as social media, email, web applications, mobile applications, etc.

Introduction to Digital marketing

Today, the world of marketing is controlled by these digital strategies. It is a combination of e commerce, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, campaign marketing, social media optimization, advertising, e book, games so and so.

Coast effective reach of targeted audience is the main benefit of digital marketing. The digital marketing campaign reaches its customer at a comparatively lower price than traditional marketing methods.

Digital marketing is a kind of worldwide marketing which reach the viewer community of all over the world. A website allows you to find new markets from one edge to another edge of the world.

Using social media, you can easily engage with your customers and easily create credibility and customer loyalty. With frequent communication you can retain your customer even after each sale.

Majority of the customers like online business due to its easy access characteristics. Using your website they can purchase with a click, whereas in other media they need to make phone calls, or go to shop.

You can easily find out the interested customers using digital marketing strategies. It will lead you to excellent result.

In the arena of commerce, online strategies have a relevant role. Businesses, whether it is small or big, method of marketing is the base of its success. Finding more customers means more business and more business means more income. Reaching a wider audience at a lesser cost, that is Digital Marketing.

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