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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Has A Massive Audience. With the help of Experts from OREXIS , you can reach thousands of people that meet incredibly specific targeting criteria

Twitter has a specific space in every brand marketing strategy. Twitter is not just a social media platform; it plays an important role in the brand-building process. Twitter updates are commonly known as tweets.  

You can tweet about anything you wish to, but it will not exceed more than 140 characters. Orexis, the leading Twitter Marketing Agency in India is ready here to make excellent and content-rich tweets for your brand/business which will help you to promote and aware of your business/Brand. Our experienced research wing will find trendsetting hashtags for your brand/business and help your business to attain more brand presence and maintain engagements.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

Orexis, the leading Twitter Marketing Agency in India will create an attractive twitter account for your brand with an eye-catching cover design.

Regular Tweets

Experienced content makers of Orexis will craft attractive and easily digestive tweets that give social awareness to your brand.

Account management

Our Specially trained expert team will maintain your tweets regularly and manage your twitter account professionally.

Type Of Campaigns

Twitter Marketing Agency in India

Awareness Campaign

Twitter Awareness campaigns increase a brand's awareness and brand value by getting as many people to see the ads as possible. 

Tweet Engagement 

Tweet engagement campaigns allow you to extend the reach of your content or ads to a relevant audience on Twitter with a short pan of time.

Twitter Marketing Agency in India
Twitter follower campaign

Followers Campaign 

Twitter followers campaign will help you to increase your followers number on Twitter.  Followers are your fixed assets that by one click you can reach them quickly.

Website Click Campaign 

Twitter website click campaign helps you to get more traffic to your website. The campaign will promote an ad that leads to your website.

twitter website click campaign

App Install Campaign 

Twitter app install campaign will help you to get more number of installing counts to your application. The campaign will promote your application through Twitter


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